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Although most regular lenders want to make it appear as if it is not possible to borrow money if the person in question does not have a job at that moment, there is often something to be arranged in reality. Whether someone is eligible for a loan is in fact entirely dependent on the conditions set by the loan provider. It is often the case that these differ per provider and that in every situation there is a loan provider where the person in question is eligible for a loan. Obviously, the legal conditions must be observed.

Fast approval direct payday loan companies only

To find out with which provider you can take out a loan, it is important to read the conditions carefully. Or paperwork, by appointment or a blacklist check, can be different per loan provider. It is also worth bearing in mind that the conclusion of a loan is generally easier to arrange with a loan provider who only lends small amounts. In addition, loans from online loan providers are often more accessible than loans from the bank, for example. It is also important to know that some conditions have been laid down by law and that you have to take them into account anyway, whatever loan provider you are dealing with. For example, it is mandatory that you have to be at least 21 years old to be able to take out a loan and that you must have a fixed amount of income. What this income should then consist of is not exactly specified and can, therefore, differ per provider.

Getting money for expenses and how much can I borrow?

Just as the options for a loan can vary per loan provider, it also applies that the amount of the loan that can be taken out can differ per provider. In general, a loan of up to 1000 euros is loaned under a loan of a small amount and the conditions for these loans are therefore less strict. For example, you can borrow 300 euros, 600 euros or 700 euros for purchase, investment or a payment. You do not usually have to explain more about the reason for borrowing from loan providers, for example on the internet, and in general paperwork and a blacklist check are still omitted. 
Getting money for expenses is therefore often not impossible, although it is thought. In order to be certain of the possibilities for taking out an online payday loan, it is important to read through the conditions set by the loan provider and to determine the possibilities in a given situation.

7 financial secrets to travel in Europe

Are you planning a trip to Europe? We are sure that such an experience is definitely worth it; either alone or accompanied. We are very interested in having an enriching trip in every way, but we also advise you to take care of your wallet while you are traveling. We know some great tips for you to enjoy while saving a little money. Take note!Image result for europe

1. Fly with points

Make sure you have a credit card with miles. So every time you buy you will accumulate miles that will help you pay for your plane tickets from here to Europe. It is not about buying and buying, simply pay with that card basic things like gasoline or food. Every time you pay for these expenses at the end of the month, you will accumulate points to travel.

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2. Ryanair

If once you are in Europe you fly from city to city within the continent, we advise you to use Ryanair . Maybe it is not the best option to fly to Europe but if you are already in Europe, the flight could leave you at 20 euros round trip!

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3. Airbnb

You probably already know this, but remembering it does not hurt. In general, in Europe, Airbnb is much cheaper than a hotel. For example, London that you get almost half the price.

Airbnb is cheaper, why? Click here

4. Lonely planet

Lonely planet is a book about any city you go to that you can buy at a good price on Amazon . It suits you because inside you can see places where you eat well at a good price, plus they tell you what to see and do.


You are a student? There is a card called International Student Identity Card, which is very easy to process . With this card you can enter large free museums, as well as special rates in Aereomexico and discounts in tourist places.

6. Save the tickets

If you buy things that are a bit more expensive, such as a watch, did you know that you can recover those taxes? You simply have to ask at the store to buy if they have a tax refund system for foreigners, or Global Blue . If they answer yes, you must show them that you are a foreigner and you are on vacation, not living there. After that there are two, or they give you the tax there or they give you an invoice to exchange at the tax office or at a Global Blue branch at the airport. Great, right?

7. Ask for a loan

Did you know that in kubo.financiero you can request a loan for trips? Whether it’s for plane tickets or some expenses like lodging or food, you can apply for a credit if you have a good credit history in the Bureau.

The ratio of affiliates per pensioner falls to minimums of the last 20 years

Crisis in Social Security

The ratio of affiliates per pensioner falls to minimums of the last 20 years

Spain is aging rapidly and the creation of employment in recent years has not managed to reverse the Social Security crisis , but the ratio of affiliates that support a pensioner has fallen in January to only 2.09, the same level that it reached in 1997, 20 years ago.

Aging , however, is not uniform and in Ourense, Lugo and León there are already as many pensioners as Social Security affiliates. According to the data of the Ministry of Employment , the Social Security balance is especially deficient in the interior and Cantabrian Spain, with entire communities where the ratio is below 1.5 occupied by each pensioner: Asturias (1.18), Galicia (1.28) and Castilla-León (1.46). And in no community, not even in Madrid, the community with the best ratio, with 2.68, the state average before the crisis is reached.

The number of pensions has grown more than 1% per year in recent years

Currently the Social Security has 8.7 million pensioners, who receive 9.57 million benefits: 900,000 people receive more than one benefit for having contributed in different schemes or, for the most part, for the simultaneous payment of a widow’s pension with your own retirement benefit.

The number of pensions has grown more than 1% per year in recent years, even in the six years of crisis, between 2008 and 2013, when the economy was destroying employment and losing contributors, while the average payroll has continued to grow, at an annual rate of 3%, even in the last six years when pensions have only risen by 0.25%, due to the higher pensions that new pensioners have, which are much higher than those received by those who die.

The income of the Social Security suffer the consequences of the policies of promotion of employment

“The public pension system was not designed for a situation like the one we live in, with high rates of unemployment, over 20% for years, or for a life expectancy of 85 years like that of our retirees” explains Josep González Calvet , researcher at the Center for Research in the Benestar Economy (CREB), of the University of Barcelona. In the Spanish case, in addition, Social Security income has been eroded by the growth in the number of unemployed who no longer receive any benefit: while the workers who contribute have increased, a good part of the long-term unemployed, who still add up to 1.6 million people, they have stopped being able to contribute to the pension system.

Social Security income also suffers the consequences of employment promotion policies, often made by lowering or reducing social contributions. and, in addition, recalls González Calvet, the system was not designed to face a salary drop like the one that caused the crisis. “Average salaries are lower now than they were a decade ago, and that collapses the system,” he adds.


Since 2012, contributions no longer pay pensions and, once the Reserve Fund is exhausted, they are paid with government loans. To cover the short-term deficit, the government and the political parties study measures such as creating a specific tax to pay Social Security; dedicate a heading of existing taxes, or pay with taxes and not with contributions the widow’s and orphans’ pension, which are equivalent to 19% of the payroll of the system.

Also for the short term, Comisiones Obreras, proposes measures such as the dismantling of the maximum contribution bases; the increase in the minimum contribution base; the assumption by the State of administrative expenses; the temporary increase in the contribution rates and the equalization of the contribution bases of the General Regime and the Autonomous Regime.

González Calvet considers, however, that “beyond putting short-term patches, what we do know is that a public pension system can decide what percentage of national income goes to pensions, so that amount will grow if the economy grows. This is a political decision that we will have to make among all, “he said. Thus, he explained, the ratio between contributors and pensioners will no longer be relevant and he gave as an example the effect of automation. “We are going to a world with fewer workers and more machines, and therefore what will be relevant will be the taxes paid by their owners.” In the short term, however, it seems that the only safe way to maintain the standard of living after retirement will be the previous savings: according to a survey by the Mapfre Foundation, 82% of citizens fear that their future pension will be insufficient and even 20% say they have already started saving.