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“I started my postdoc in February 2020. Despite my short time enjoying life at MIT, I immediately experienced how alive it was at the Stata Center! It is an architectural landmark of the modern age and a meeting place for students and employees. It’s a special place and I thought it deserved a special picture.

I work in bioengineering and study chromatin conformation with super-resolution microscopy. Therefore, I am very passionate about photographing the world, from DNA molecules to spectacular landscapes! I also like challenges, and I’ve noticed that thunderstorms are relatively rare in the Boston area and storms blow very quickly. It’s difficult to capture, especially with the composition you envision. I had tried to get this picture that I had in mind a few times before, but I was not satisfied.

I recently watched the weather carefully as I was planning a little road trip to enjoy the beauty of New England. I then realized that I had to cancel my trip because severe thunderstorms were predicted that are not very friendly to driving – but perfect for taking photos! As I was taking microscopic photographs, I realized that a potential thunderstorm would have crossed my workplace. So I drove home without hesitation and despite the rain to get my camera equipment and came back to the lab, from where I have a nice view of the Stata Center. The bottom line is that I photographed both microscopic and giant natural phenomena at the same time! It was such a rewarding day. “

—Michele Gabriele, postdoc in the field of bioengineering

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