milNIL Lifts Angel Round and Launches Athlete Marketing Platform Empowering Local Athletes and Local Businesses

SAVANE, Georgia., November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – milNIL, a sports marketing platform company that has changed the way student-athletes at all levels of competition monetize their name, image and likeness, announced the successful completion of its Angel Fundraising Round by GenesisSurrogate.

College athletes of all skill levels and in all sports can now earn money with their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) after the NCAA removed its compensation restrictions in July. “As we enter this new world of varsity athletics, we are delighted to offer student-athletes of all levels of competition the opportunity to enter into sponsorship agreements,” said Christian Masegian, co-founder and CEO of milNIL. “While the focus is on the Biggest Stars and Biggest Names, we are committed to serving countless student-athletes and local businesses across the country who are pillars of their communities and appeal to wide audiences. dedicated fan bases.

With this new investment, milNIL will expand its current platform and launch new endorsement management products. Masegian added, “Great companies can be created from our network, starting with connecting athletes with sponsors. In addition, we are planning a further deregulation of name, image and likeness laws, and we are building an open platform for which brands and athletes will collaborate.

About milNIL

milNIL is a sports sponsorship platform supporting student-athletes and brands at all levels of competition. Founded in 2021 by Christian Masegian and Bob shinn, the company continues to proliferate as the newest and most innovative approval platform in the industry.

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