JT Tuimoloau, 5-Star D-Lineman, Commits to the State of Ohio


What makes him so good

Ari Wasserman, Senior College Football Recruiting Writer: Every year there seems to be a distinct defensive lineman who can step in and change a program. They are so valuable because they are the only players who can completely change the plan of an opposing offensive themselves.

Tuimoloau is a six-foot tall, 277kg athlete who is also a great basketball player. His versatility is endless and from the very beginning of his football career it was clear that he would end up in the top 5 players in the country.

Early expectations

Bill Landis, Ohio State Beat writer: Tuimoloau certainly has the physical tools to play right away, but it’s important to remember that he shows up too late.

He didn’t have time with the OSU strength and conditioning team. He makes a huge leap in competition without the benefit of a normal start-up phase. He’s been working on his own to be ready once he’s on campus and I wouldn’t expect him to be so far behind that he wasn’t playing at all.

But OSU has a line of defense and with it the luxury of gradually incorporating Tuimoloau if necessary.

(Photo: Bodine Sports Photography via Eastside Catholic High School)

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