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Messenger photo by Chad Thompson

Brittany Snell poses in Studio 925. Snell recently opened the studio as a work and photography studio. It can be rented by the hour for anyone looking for a quiet work environment.

When it comes to photography, office work, or a special event like a bridal shower, the environment is everything, according to photographer Brittany Snell.

That’s why Snell opened Studio 925 in downtown Fort Dodge.

“I opened this studio as a photo studio, but also as a workplace for every person who can work as a new room at any time.” said Snell, a 2015 graduate of Manson Northwest Webster High School. “So often are photographers working from their home couches and when you’re like me with two kids aged 1 and 2 it’s impossible to get their job done, so sometimes you have to work elsewhere for an hour or two is necessary.”

The studio is located on 925 Central Ave. It was extensively remodeled in May, including new ceiling tiles, floors, paint, and interiors. Much of it was done by Snell himself. The studio opened about two weeks ago.

“Everyone can use the room, as it can be rented for one day or several days.” said Snell. “Photographers can rent it for photo shoots, I do some photo shoots for my own clients there, creative people can rent it for work, it can be rented for a bridal shower, baby shower, the possibilities are endless.”

Messenger photo by Chad Thompson

Studio 925 at 925 Central Ave. is one of the newest stores in the downtown area. It’s a photography studio and workspace owned by Fort Dodge photographer Brittany Snell.

The rental prices vary depending on the space requirements.

“It’s a photo studio and a workplace”, said Snell. “If you wanted to work here in a different environment for two hours. I can rent it out for pretty much anything I think of – like a bridal shower, a baby shower. Open space to do everything. “

Snell moved from Manson to Fort Dodge in 2021. She also owns the P48 boutique next to her mother’s store called Homespun Collection. Snell’s photography business is Brittany Lauren Photography.

As a birthday present for the 8th grade, she got her first camera, a Canon Rebel.

“I always took it to sporting events in high school, just had it with me all the time.” said Snell.

Messenger photo by Chad Thompson

Brittany Snell smiles as she shows how Studio 925 can be used. The studio and work area at 925 Central Ave. recently opened in the city center.

Eventually she started doing photo shoots.

“I just started doing small shootings here and there.” said Snell. “I only offered a few mini-shoots and at some point it grew. There was a lot of fun. I went from 14 weddings last year to 34 this year. That was crazy. I have hired two employees. I think COVID really affected last year because there weren’t any normal weddings at weddings, so a lot of people were waiting to get married this year. “

For their photography business, Snell offers a variety of packages for senior photos, weddings, engagements and family portraits. She has been in the photography business for four years.

When it comes to her duties, Snell said she really loves it “all of it.”

“Seniors are personal” She said. “It is an important time in your life. Weddings and engagements are also special because they capture the most important day of your life. With families, it’s fun to see interactions between children and parents. “

She enjoys dealing with customers.

“Meet new people and develop a relationship with them” said Snell. “I love people who book multiple sessions. Let’s say you have two children and then they have a baby just to see them grow as a family. Weddings are really fun because, on the most important day of your life, you spend the whole day with someone. I love people so this job is great because I can talk to people all the time. “

One of her favorite things about being a photographer is when people enjoy her pictures.

“When people love their pictures” said Snell. “And you very rarely hear from people, so it is a great accomplishment when you do. We spend a lot of time – photographers spend a lot of time not just taking the pictures but going through them and editing what people don’t see. If people like her, it’s like my work has paid off. “

Snell uses social media platforms to generate ideas for photo shoots.

“I use Instagram a lot, I just find other well-known photographers who like what they post.” said Snell. “Pinterest is a huge resource for me. There are thousands of ideas in there. There are apps you can use for poses. The hardest part is keeping things fresh because you don’t want all of your pictures to look the same. Otherwise it also takes a break. I’m also very careful not to focus on one thing. I like to keep a wide range – I do everything from newborns to families, seniors, engagements, weddings. Pretty much every idea that people want pictures because I do. I’m confusing it. “

Between photography, boutique and her kids, Snell tries her best to balance her schedule.

“I have two children, so come first” She said. “I work during the lunch break. In the evenings, when they go to bed, I work until about 2 a.m. every night. I usually have two nights of photography during the week and then I have a wedding every Saturday. I think I’ve had eight Saturdays off this year. I like to spend the free moments with my children, but when they sleep, I work. “

Snell is located at 925 Central Ave. Been in the eye for some time, she said.

“I have known for a long time that this space is available” She said. “One day I drove by and called and signed the lease that day.”

Snell likes the direction downtown is going.

“Central Avenue, they’re bringing back life so I thought it was a good place.” said Snell. “And Fort Dodge has more business opportunities than some smaller towns. There is a larger population. And it’s more central. I have people who rent from Des Moines and Algona.

Snell sees Studio 925 as a place where photographers come together.

“Here we can all work and do our thing” said Snell. “I think about the photography industry so much that people think it’s competition. But in a space like this, I wanted to share a space that had more community than competition. My biggest thing is that I’ve wanted a studio for about three years. I have been taking photos for 4 years. Just because there have been so many times where you can’t shoot outside in this weather. This eliminates the need to reschedule a shoot. There is a backup plan. “

The room offers a wide variety of people another opportunity to work in a controlled environment.

“If you are an artist or work from home and need a break from home, if you are a student looking for a job, this is a good place for someone.” said Snell. “If you only have to go away for a few hours, it’s quiet. Play music, relax a little. I want to have something like a yoga morning this summer, have someone come and teach yoga. I think that would be fun. “

Snell is planning a grand opening for Studio 925 in August.

For more information on Snell’s services, email [email protected]

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