Effect of a scholarship: Len Elmore


Elmore never really thought about basketball for his future. “I certainly knew basketball could be a means of getting into college, but I wasn’t really successful; I just learned how to play the game. ”However, letters came in from smaller schools during his sophomore year, and by the time he entered his junior year the big names came along, Maryland and many others.

It wasn’t long before the heart of the Terp was at the University of Maryland. “If you dream of a college campus, you have to see Maryland.” The idyllic campus was not only a best seller for Elmore, he also appreciated the close proximity to his home, the large African American community, the significant opportunities and interest in it Meet right, and Cole Field House very much.

Looking back on his time in Maryland, Elmore couldn’t call a single moment his favorite because they were all so memorable. “In all four years I’ve only lost two games at Cole Field House,” Elmore recalls. He’s so grateful for the memories he made playing in front of 14,500 screaming fans; the adrenaline was like no other.

Elmore also remembers his time at McKeldin Mall. “Back then it was just flat grass, a couple of sidewalks, and people sitting, talking, throwing Frisbee and having fun.” It was at the mall that Elmore met his wife and many other classmates with whom he is still connected today. “That kind of community interaction was irreplaceable.”

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