13 NIL Companies That Are Shaping The Future Of NCAA Student-Athlete Marketing

  • In July, student-athletes won the right to earn money using their names, pictures and likenesses.
  • A NIL gold rush followed, with gamers, colleges, and startups rushing to capitalize on the change.
  • Insider has compiled a list of 13 companies defining the future of student-athlete marketing and NIL deals.

On July 1, the student-athletes won the decades-long fight to make money from their names, pictures and likenesses (NIL).

As a result, college players could be paid to sign autographs, organize training courses or upload sponsored posts to Instagram. A mad rush of activity ensued, with brands, student-athletes, coaches and universities all searching for the best way to use NIL to their advantage.

Some stars of major sports programs locked up fivenumber contracts in a few weeks. But most student-athletes made smaller deals with local businesses, like restaurants and car dealerships, who offered free gift cards or burritos in exchange for a promotional tweet or post on Facebook.

As with any significant new business opportunity, a flurry of startups and established players have rushed into the NIL space to serve all key stakeholders.

Some companies, like Athliance, are working to help universities and actors manage education and NIL compliance. Others, like MOGL, want to create markets to connect brands with student-athletes.

“People keep saying it’s the Wild West,” said Chase Garrett, CEO of athlete marketing platform Icon Source. “But I think 2022 will be the year of adoption. People have built-in marketing budgets. They’ve started to find the athletes they think they’d like to work with. They’ve started to learn what the market value is. . “

Insider has compiled a list of 13 NIL-focused companies shaping the future of student-athlete marketing and NIL deals. This list was determined by Insider based on recommendations from college athletes, sports marketing entrepreneurs, college athletic department administrators, and nominations we received directly from readers. We took into account factors such as how a company works with student-athletes and brands, its total funding, its partnerships with universities, and its impact on the NIL business as a whole.

Here are 13 companies that are at the center of the NIL revolution, listed in alphabetical order:

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